(Rates Updated on: 01/01/2023)
SEA Cargo Rates: Now send your Personal & Household Goods or Unaccompanied Extra Luggage by SEA cargo from Delhi/India to any popular destination worldwide only @ Rs. 250 to 350/Kg (Minimum 1 CBM)
AIR Cargo Rates: Our tentative offer rates by AIR Cargo from Delhi/India to following destinations.
DestinationRates for +100 Kgs
(Airport to Airport)
Rates for +25 Kgs
(Airport to Door)
USA, CANADAOn requestRs. 650 to 750/Kg
AUSTRALIAOn requestRs. 625 to 650/Kg
UKOn requestRs. 395/Kg
EUROPEOn requestRs. 475 to 560/Kg
Rest of the countriesOn requestOn request
Please Note:- Local custom clearance charges & 18% GST may be applicable on some services.
Currently our services are available only from/via north India to Overseas.

What To Pack?

There are lots of questions like best place to live, cost of living, culture, things to carry before leaving India and so on, that comes to the individual mind before leaving. The internet is the best place to get answers to all these questions. There are lots of communities, websites and blogs that can be helpful in this matter where people share their experiences.

Today in any metropolitan city of the world, we can easily rent a fully furnished (already has furniture and appliances) apartment equipped with all the modern amenities such as television, fridge, internet access etc. It means that you have to move with your personal and household effects only and no need to bring any outside furniture.

In this scenario, we only need to carry those things that are required to satisfy our and our family member’s daily needs or things which are very vital and would be hard to find at the moving destination. So now we will look from a new perspective to the things we need to carry from India – Things that we have and things that we don’t have (but we may need them at the moving destination). For your convenience, we have thoroughly made a list of items that you will need (if not right away, eventually).

You just take a print out of the list of items we have given and mark the things that you already have & can be taken along with you from here. The items which are not marked will be those items which you don’t have, but you will definitely need them once you reach your new home at the moving destination.

Things that you already have:

Quite possible that you are not aware, but all personal and household goods that you have in your home and intend to be used in your moving destination can be taken along with you and also you don’t have to pay any duty or taxes for that because in most of the country’s goods owned and used for at least 6 to 12 months do not attract any sort of charges.

You can do your research to find the cost of those things in your moving destination and we will advise you the cost of taking those things along with you. Then you can easily compare & decide what things you should take with you and that too without any help from a third person.

Things that you don’t have, but required immediately or eventually:

When you are already carrying your pre-owned personal and household goods with you, then there is nothing wrong in taking with you some new items that you may need there. This may be beneficial for you as you don’t have to search for those things in the markets nearby your new home. It may be hard for you to find some of these goods and even if you find them, they may be much more costly as compared to India. Also it will reduce the cost of transport per kg because in air/sea freight the cost of sending shipments reduces as the volume increases.

Edibles/Grocery Items:

Everywhere in the world, where there is a majority of Indians or you can say Indian colony, there is an Indian grocery store from where you can purchase almost everything. But before departing from India make sure to check the availability of any Indian grocery store nearby to your new home especially if you are going to reside in a very remote place or where there is no Indian/international grocery shop around.

But it would be a wise decision if you bring all the stuff for at least, the first few months of usages. So that you don’t run to the nearby market looking for the things you need. For the purpose of sharing knowledge, we want to tell you that you can carry pulses, cereals & spices along with you but it should be in reasonable quantities and intended for self-consumption only. The name and quantity of the item should be mentioned on the package, so that it could be easy to understand what it is actually, if anybody inspects it during the examination.

Following conditions should be considered, if food items are part of your shipment.

  • Weight should not be more than 1 kg per product type.
  • All items should be commercially prepared and packed in ready for sale/retail packaging.
  • All items must be free of live insects, soil and other quarantine risk material.
  • Avoid meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, perishables, raw fruits & vegetables.

Please Note: Some countries have very strict laws related to the import and or possession of certain goods including food items. Therefore you must declare for inspection all food materials, plant and animal products on arrival to ensure that they are free from pests and diseases. After declaration, these items will be checked by the relevant department, they will determine whether they are allowed into the country or not.

Most of the time, items you declare will be returned to you after inspection but some products may require treatment (for example fumigation, irradiation) to make them safe and for that you may have to pay nominal charges. However, anything that still presents a disease risk or is found to contain insects or larvae will be seized, destroyed or re-export by the concerned department at the importer’s expense.

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