(Rates Updated on: 01/01/2023)
SEA Cargo Rates: Now send your Personal & Household Goods or Unaccompanied Extra Luggage by SEA cargo from Delhi/India to any popular destination worldwide only @ Rs. 250 to 350/Kg (Minimum 1 CBM)
AIR Cargo Rates: Our tentative offer rates by AIR Cargo from Delhi/India to following destinations.
DestinationRates for +100 Kgs
(Airport to Airport)
Rates for +25 Kgs
(Airport to Door)
USA, CANADAOn requestRs. 650 to 750/Kg
AUSTRALIAOn requestRs. 625 to 650/Kg
UKOn requestRs. 395/Kg
EUROPEOn requestRs. 475 to 560/Kg
Rest of the countriesOn requestOn request
Please Note:- Local custom clearance charges & 18% GST may be applicable on some services.
Currently our services are available only from/via north India to Overseas.

Air freight vs Sea Freight?

International shipping provides lot of choices to people who are willing to send their unaccompanied baggage or household goods while migrating. But before exploring the available options, you have to choose from the two transit modes: Air freight or Sea freight. There are 5 main factors that one should consider while making this decision.

1) Cost:

Cost is the primary factor that people consider while undertaking any service. Everyone wants to shell out lesser money for anything if possible. Naturally people want to know that which transit mode costs less, sea freight or air freight. Generally it is considered that shipping by sea is cheaper as compared to air and mostly it is true, however it’s not always the case.  

To make the appropriate choice, it would be very helpful if you know how carriers charge for international shipping. Airlines charge you according to the “Chargeable Weight”. It is a greater of actual/gross weight (how heavy it is) and volumetric weight (how much space it takes up).

Sea cargo carrier’s charges are mainly based on origin/destination ports and the CONTAINER SIZE if shipping a Full Container Load (FCL). On the other side, it is based on CARGO VOLUME if shipping Less than a Container Load (LCL). LCL means less than container load or loose container load. LCL shipments are meant for smaller size cargo and Sea freight is charged as per Cubic Meter (Minimum rate is for 1 CBM or 1000 Kilograms, whatever is the greater).

If your unaccompanied baggage or household goods shipment is not enough to fill the whole 20 feet container then LCL is the most appropriate choice for you in terms of convenience and cost.  Larger and heavier shipments are often much cheaper to send by ship via sea freight. When the shipment is smaller, the difference between the rates also gets smaller and sometimes sending shipments via air freight is less expensive as compared to sea freight.

Being a shipper, you should note that there are always some destination charges that are to be considered once the shipment reaches to the destination port. In both air and sea freights, there are customs and destinations fees to be paid. The actual cost of sending shipments in sea freight is usually cheaper than the air freight, but the warehousing fees that has to be paid, is many times more expensive than those of the airports.

2) Speed:

When it comes to time, there is no comparison of air freight as it is much faster. When there is a constraint of time, high cost of flying cargo does not matter. Most of the sea shipments may take around a month to reach the destination whereas air shipments may take a day or two. For commercial or business shipments, faster is always better. But for an individual moving households goods, budget may be a vital factor, so it is advisable to prepare in advance for the arrival of household goods in a new country.

However technology is improving rapidly and ships are getting faster. So many canals are created to have the shorter shipping routes. And now there are certain sea freights which deliver shipments as quick as eight days.

3) Reliability:

When someone is sending his unaccompanied baggage or household goods, reliability is the obvious factor to take into consideration. Now the question comes that which is more safe and reliable – air freight or sea freight?

Though Air Freight is not having a very long history as compared to Sea freight, air freight is more reliable. Airlines tend to be on the very top of their schedules, even after being delayed by weather or other factors. But in case of sea carriers, it is not the same. Ships are prone to delay, very commonly by a day or two, however for many businesses, a delay of 1 or 2 days can cause serious effects in terms of monetary losses. There are usually many flights to all the major cities across the globe, so missing a flight doesn’t cost much of a delay. Sea lines usually have weekly schedules so missing a ship can cause much longer delay.

4) Accessibility:

One very evident limitation of ocean freight is that it is bound to arrive at sea ports only, whereas air freight is having access to many major airports located at various locations inland. This enhances the efficiency of air freight in terms of accessibility.

5) Tracking systems:

Air freight companies are well equipped & capable of providing much more accurate tracking of shipments than ocean freight companies. This enables you to plan more precisely with a proper track of shipment while transit.

As a general rule, air freight companies are able to provide a much more accurate method of tracking shipments than sea freight companies. This will enable you to plan more accurately and be more in control of your operations.

Conclusion: When moving unaccompanied baggage or household goods from India to overseas or vice-versa, you could choose a combination of transit methods depending on the items you are sending. Urgent items could be sent by air freight and all of your other belongings could be sent more cost-effectively by sea freight. We can organize any combination to ensure that your belongings reach to destination when you want them.

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