(Rates Updated on: 01/02/2024)
Our Best Door Delivery Rates to Send Your Extra Baggage as Unaccompanied by Cargo From Delhi, India to 👇 Following Destinations.
Destination+100 kgs+25 kgs
Australia₹350 to ₹550₹525 to ₹1006
Bosnia & Herzegovina₹693
Brunei Darussalam₹555
Bulgaria (Rep)₹435
Canada₹450 to ₹550₹545 to ₹810
Cape Verde₹1015
Cayman Island₹1035
El Salvador₹1370
France Main₹518
Hong Kong₹456
Korea (Rep. of)₹395
Macao (China)₹464
Nauru Islands₹745
New Zealand₹695 to ₹775₹1161
North Macedonia₹695
Panama Rep.₹1085
Papua New Guinea₹985
Saudi Arabia₹349
South Africa₹875
Sri Lanka₹300
United Kingdom₹200 to ₹280₹280 to ₹485
United Arab Emirates₹200₹265
United States of America ₹350 to ₹550₹550 to ₹718
Please Note: Rates are subject to space availability & confirmation by the carrier. Government taxes & other charges as applicable.
Currently our services are available only from/via north India to Overseas.

FAQ Unaccompanied Baggage

Passenger’s baggage that exceeds the limit for weight, size or number of pieces allowed by a particular carrier, is considered to be excess baggage, for which the airlines charge you hefty amount if you wish to carry it along with you. It is advisable that you check well in advance the charges of your airlines for the same.

Unaccompanied baggage means that you will be sending your luggage alone as personal-effects cargo and you will not be travelling with your luggage. To send unaccompanied baggage, you must hold an international air ticket. Unaccompanied baggage can only be sent between the origin and destination shown on the ticket and can be sent prior to or after the departure of the passenger.

We will help you to fill up the necessary forms to send unaccompanied baggage and then we will take your baggage and deliver it to the airline/shipping line so they can send it to you.

Airport to Airport

  • Sent via air from the nominated departure airport
  • Delivered to the international customs airport of your choice
  • Excludes any destination terminal fees
  • Excludes any customs duties or taxes that may be applicable


Port to Port

  • Transported via sea from the nominated departure Sea Port.
  • Delivered to the international Sea Port/Container Freight Station (CFS) of your choice.
  • Excludes any destination terminal fees.
  • Excludes any customs duties or taxes that may be applicable.


Door Delivery

  • Transported via air/sea from the nominated departure airport/seaport and delivered to the address of your choice.
  • All prices provided are all-inclusive.
  • Exclude any customs duties or taxes that may be applicable.

These are worldwide standards for handling air cargo and are based on the greater of actual/gross weight (how heavy it is) and volumetric weight (how much space it takes up). There is a limit to the cargo hold on the basis of weight and volume which can be handled by the air carrier. Volumetric weight can be calculated by using the following formula:

Volumetric Weight of Door to Airport shipment = [L x B x H (in cm)] ÷ 5000

Volumetric Weight of Door to Door shipment = [L x B x H (in cm)] ÷ 5000

It is the international formula to calculate volume weight which cannot be negotiated further. In any case, if you wish to calculate the volume, you may contact us.

The cost differs on the basis of:

  • Chargeable weight of your excess baggage consignment
  • Destination where excess baggage has to be sent
  • Type of service your choose &
  • Additional service options you avail

Please use our obligation- free quote function to assist you in getting an estimate.

You are required to pay the 50 % of the estimated amount at the time of collection of the baggage and rest of the payment will be made at the time of handover of post shipment documents to you. You can pay by Cheque/DD/Cash or bank direct deposit.

Please note that payment is due prior to the handover of the shipment to the concerned airlines/shipping line.

To clear the baggage through customs, generally we will require a copy of your passport, copy of passengers travel ticket, authorization letter, detailed invoice cum packing list describing the contents of each package as well as a value assigned to each item.

Note: Additional documents may be required before your shipment can depart. Please visit to the documentation section of our website for more details.

We always recommend people to do self-packing as it is best and also save your money. If you prefer to do a part of packing yourself, we can provide you the empty boxes and other packing materials. You may also take partial packing service through us for prescribed items such as large furniture, art, fragile items, lamps and similar fragile goods.

Each box should be light enough for one person to lift. If it is too heavy, then it may require two or more persons or a forklift to uplift and you have to pay additional cost in terms of handling & pickup charges at either end of the shipment. To avoid this, we suggest you that a single box should not exceed a weight of 32 kilograms / 71 pounds.

  • Using a permanent marker clearly writes the following on each box or package: For ex: if you 15 box then you start with 1/15 and end at 15/15.
  • Your name as in passport
  • A running sequence of the package #.
  • Your origin address
  • Your destination address
  • Brief Description of items in each box or package.
  • You may also use the labels along with permanent markers for better visibility. Labels may also get torn/ lost during transit in some cases for that we recommend you to write details directly on the box or package using a permanent marker.

Cartons or suitcases can be sealed by the owner before dispatching; however they may be re-opened for security purposes at our discretion. All the baggage shipments sent by air/sea are subject to security checks and x-ray examination, which may also involve a hand search. If you are using your own suitcase or bags, it is always advisable to send one spare set of keys along with the shipment to avoid any forceful opening of the same for the security checks at either end of the shipment

You can handover your baggage shipment to us in two ways:

a) Prior to departure –Keeping in view the transit time (shipment travelling time from origin to destination port), you can send your unaccompanied baggage prior to your departure so that it will most likely be waiting for your at the airport/seaport when you arrive to the moving country.

b) After the departure –Your baggage can also send after your departure from India. For instance: If you are going to any destination where your accommodation is yet to be finalized and you are temporarily staying at any hotel for the time being and you want that your baggage should reach there once your accommodation is finalized.

Another case may be that you have reached to the moving destination and now you are in better position to figure out all things required from those that you already possess at your previous residence. In this case you can also import those goods from India as unaccompanied baggage. But to avail this, you have to make sure that some documents need to be signed by you before your departure from India.

Yes, we provide luggage collection service at economical price but it should be booked well in advance (at least before 24 hours). You can save your money and precious time by using our pick up service, but please make sure that your luggage is ready for collection in front of residence to avoid any possible delay.

Export customs clearance takes just a few hours and generally your presence is not mandatory. But sometimes, your presence is required during the examination process to answer any question raised by customs.

It’s not necessary that your baggage will travel in the same flight you are flying in. If you bring your baggage just before your own flight leaves, it will go on a later flight. Generally, it takes a day a day time to fulfill all the formalities and prepare goods for delivery to the airlines. Transfer of goods at hub airport can also take an extra day. Sometimes, the shipment may also get delayed due to security reasons.

Even in case your goods arrive at the destination from the same flight you travelled with, the unloading and transfer to the cargo terminal along with customs clearance process may also take up some time. That is why we advise you to send your luggage at least 4 or 5 days in advance to your flight, if you want to pick the baggage once you arrive at your destination.

Transit time varies on various factors like destination, routing customs, volumes, weather conditions and many other variable factors. However, we do not guarantee transit times, but for general guidance, intercontinental sea shipments may take 8 to 12 weeks and air freight shipments can take between 5 to 14 days depending on the destination and the level of service chosen.

Once your baggage shipment has been departed from India, we will send you a “Pre-Alert” containing the flight or Vessel details. “Pre Alert” is simply an email notification providing all details like flight/vessel information, tracking link and expected arrival date.

Your baggage shipment can also tracked by using our Track & Trace section.

You can also contact the local office of the carrier, near to the expected arrival date of your consignment for more accurate information.

Yes, you will be contacted by the airline or shipping line carrying your baggage shipment upon its arrival to the destination. Therefore, it is very important to provide your accurate contact information at the time of documentation.

All airports around the world offer different periods of free storage upon arrival of your shipment. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have processed and collected your shipment to avoid additional storage charges.

All Sea ports and Container Freight Stations (CFS) offer different periods of free storage upon arrival of your shipment also (generally 3 days from the date cargo is available). It is your responsibility to ensure you have processed and collected your shipment to avoid additional storage charges.

Our Door-to-Door service includes pre-payment of destination charges like port/airport unloading, customs clearance and delivery to your residence. Our Door-to-Port service excludes these charges at the destination and is therefore less expensive. If you plan to send your baggage to port or airport only, then you have to bear the local unloading, and dock/port or airport charges. These charges may vary as per the destination because they are determined by the airport or sea port authority of the moving destination and is payable prior to the release of your shipment.

Duty Charges vary widely according to origin and destination ports. Most of the time, goods owned and used for at least 6-12 months do not incur any charges. However, if you send items that attract duty, uncertainties may arise. Newly Purchased items may attract duty and you are required to pay the relevant duty for the same. Sometimes even environmental control restrictions may sum up to additional charges. Shoes, camping equipment or bicycles for instance, could attract those charges, so please make sure you thoroughly clean all such items before packing. To avoid agent’s fees we consign all baggage shipments directly to airport of destination. If in case you are asked to pay any fees, always inquire what you are paying for and insist an official receipt. It should be also kept in mind that the actions of Customs Services anywhere in the world cannot be influenced. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country of origin and destination of your baggage.

Note: For more customs information consult your destination countries government authority responsible for customs.

When you send your excess baggage as unaccompanied baggage it will not be waiting for you at the passenger terminal. Once the unaccompanied baggage arrives, you will be contacted personally to collect it. You are required to get your original passport and preferably your boarding pass for identification purpose when you come to collect your baggage.  Clearance from customs is also very important before you can collect your goods. Nominal charges for Service, handling, customs or quarantine charges may be applied. It should also be kept in mind that the baggage is collected as soon as possible once the baggage arrives to avoid extra charges or quarantine charges. You should also try to avoid new goods while packing as they are subjected to additional taxes. You are able to track your unaccompanied baggage online as it travels to its destination, this way you will have an idea of when you need to collect the luggage.

You are requested not to go to the airport until you are not asked to collect it by us or you have been contacted by the airline authorities as it takes some time for the baggage to get processed. In most of the cases you will get the confirmation once the baggage arrives.

For better assistance, you may contact our customer care executives by dropping an email or calling them. Now, simply click on contact us to view our contact details.